Until you balance every phase of your life, 

...you cannot enjoy the true gift life has preserved for you!


Hi, I'm Yemisi!

When I’m not writing or doing something like that, you will find me inspiring or motivation someone or a group of people while cheering them on their way to success.

Struggling with stagnation for a couple of I decided the face my fears and branch out to live my purpose, guess what, I discover nothing could be more fun, doing what you love and helping others to do the same. I also discovered that my fears have the ‘obesity tendencies’ when I do nothing about them, the moment I dust myself and began to strategically plan and execute my goals, it kind of lost its edge.

No, it hasn’t been all fairy tale living, but Oh, how it has been worth. Yes, I am a Christian, and I love every minute because things didn’t start to fall in place until I let God in completely.

So, what if we become friends and start to succeed together just like true friends do?

I'll give you spiritual based teaching and tutorials, create lifestyle challenges to help you live life fully while balancing every phase of your life! Yes, it is possible.

When not working,

I spent most of my time reading or writing something, always researching how to get things done better and faster. I am blessed with a wonderful family and great friends. I love a good cup of coffee, great books, good music and movies.

And yes, shoes too.

 I am a lover of God, and I spend my free time volunteering for causes I believe in.  

Facts About Me

  • I love to cooks and I experiment a lot.

  • I am obsessed with pens and colorful notebooks

  • I might be a little techie; but that is more of a hobby.

  • I wished I exercised more.

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Let the first step to change start here...

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