Faith Based Clarity Coaching

14 days (OPEN)

FEE - $250

This is a two weeks program for  anyone who need life and spiritual clarity, for anyone needs the boost and support to create envisioned success. This program dusts off the distractions, break down the obstacles, break through the frustration, lose the sabotaging habits and set you on the path you need to be to make your dreams come true.

WEEK #1 Where Are At?

To get to where you want to be, you have to identity where you are right now and then strategically pinpoint how to close the gap in between. The goal is to unearth the hidden treasures within you and unleash the power to achieve all life goals.

  • Identify present location. 
  • Where you at? how you get here.
  • Defining your touchdown!
  • What is success in you terms
  • How do you get there
  • Accountability sessions 
  • and many more
  • + homework

+ 1 hour session via Skype

WEEK #2: Way Forward.

This week, you build measurable goals and run with it. This build a concrete structure for all the hard work you have done past weeks. Here you measure what you have achieve during the next period.

  • Overcoming fear.
  • New spiritual growth target.
  • Actionable step getting to the goal.
  • Plan to Succeed.
  • Now I do?
  • Now I say?
  • Now I measure 

+ 1 hour session via Skype

4 Open Q&A email session.


Mindset & Productivity Mastermind


FEE- $490

If  you have undeniable clarity on your purpose and life goal but need the accountability to get it either 1. start off or 2. take it to the next level; then this package is most suitable for you. You may be at a different stage from those in need of clarity, past the level of knowing what to do to actually executing you goals. This is the phase of getting the work done, nothing less and no excuse permitted.

This is session meant for those who are ready to do the work for the results they want. Slot are limited per session for one reason only, every participant MUST get optimum value for their time and money.

Here, look forward to:

  • Challenging your ideas
  • Building on your why
  • Expanding your goals
  • Building a mastermind
  • Setting up systems
  • Putting accountable milestone in place
  • 2 months hardcore support


Biweekly Skype meeting session.

Unlimited Open email communication