You Are Made To Be Someone Real Special!

Everything you see is made out of something already in existence at least that is what you are expected to be.

From tomatoes you get ketchup


Sausage out of pork, beef, or veal.

Furniture from trees ( I know much more unmentioned things) and we can go through everything item on the shelf to discuss the origin, that is a fact. All things are made from something just as humans are made from mud. But is that all?

You are so much more than the dust that blows around you when the wings pass by, you are more than flesh and blood forming into shape and making the seen and the unseen part of you. You may be made of something almost so insignificant at clay and assume to be nobody but You and I know there is no way you will pass for a vase. Yes, the vase is also made from clay but it ain't got nothing on you.

When are you going to accept how phenomenal you are?

Are special, fearfully and wonderfully made?

When you come to the understanding that you came out of a thought process of the most brilliant mind ever, made custom-built to the point of perfection. Forget what science is trying to convince you to believe (Of course I love science, I studied it a bit in school and I am impressed the development it has come with, thanks to technology) but how does something as formless as blood come up with the tissues, the neuron, the form of your brain?

Can we talk about your hands and leg, every system inside of you that made you be? Where does the hair in your head spring out from, and the nails on your finger? NO this is no brain washing section, but mind opening thought through conversation. You may be all that science said; EXPLAINED but there exist the UNEXPLAINABLE you. The one that can make anything he or she set your mind on to come to pass.

The one that can bound back from any hurt and survive and go on to thrive from any hardship or horror.

The man that brings to live imagination of things that only can be birth through brilliance. Yes, you are all that and you are created in God's image and receive the breath of Him that sets you apart from everything else in existence.

You have flesh housing you, and blood flowing through your veins. If you believe that pretty much why is it so hard that you have an undefeated soul and spirit as well? Go be everything you are created to be. Do yourself a favor and maximize your Potential and gifts.