I am a perfectionist in my head, and that was/is my number 1 flaw. I was (still is) so crazy about making things perfect that I ended up making more mistakes that were unbelievable in the hindsight.
It took me forever to have my first blog post; then I spend more time than I am proud of going back to edit and rewriting the piece. I bet I am the only person who finds errors in a post after it has been uploaded on social media ( I cannot even count the number of times, I had had to pull down a post, correct the mistake and post it right back), my conclusion about that; "My brain works faster than my hands, and I had to post it quick before I lose my nerve"

But here are the good parts:

1. I am much better than I was 6 months ago.
2. I am more patient with myself than I was 6 months ago:
3. I now easily find inspiration with everything and with everyone.
4. I have made some fantastic friends; it was almost unbelievable I didn't know who they were, this time last year.
5. I will keep learning; life is a journey, not a destination.

If you are at the point where you are this fearful of stepping out, whatever it is that you want to do; I will tell you the 5 best part if we had a face to face conversation. I will also add a 6th! YOU ARE BETTER THAN YOU KNOW, AND HAVE MUCH MORE TO OFFER THAN YOU THINK.

Maybe a 7th!- you will ask yourself 6 months from today; why didn't I start 6 months ago? 
It will never be perfect, but you will daily get better. Trust me, it is part of being a student of life. You don't need snooping around life, wishing for others blessing or believe you do not deserve as much good as your heart desires. As time clicks, build up the urgency. You need that to get started, and to start right now! Tomorrow is still not guaranteed. 

Go, Shine because someone life depends on you becoming who you are created to be so they can discover their own true self, by your inspiration. That is the Maker's design.