Who Is More Powerful? Putting Matters Into Perspective

I cringe when people say they are fighting for their right. I take that back, I cringe when women say they are fighting for their right. You have to understand- there are some things that are just impossible, even when people try to qualify it with material things or position or money or status.

First: Which is more important; the HEAD or the NECK? I mean which part of your body will you rather do away with. A headless body is dead obviously but a neckless body if not dead is a monster in few terms. Would you do away with one for the other and that is a just body part. We have come to assign importance to them based on our perspective which is the same thing you have to do when it comes to your person.

Do not give anyone the right over you to the point where you have to FIGHT for what has always been yours. The act of fighting or demanding in itself is a declaration that you accept this person (whomever) has something over you.

But if you are God's and you have been bought with a price and no longer your own; then no one should have that hold over you. You can give what is not yours away. It is on a loan to you now from God, for your use.

You have to clearly state out your personal life mission and guard the treasure of WHO YOU ARE!

Because you know what; you are that powerful in yourself, right here, right now

even if it doesn't feel like it

even if you don't have your act together

even if you don't know how you will pay your bills tomorrow

even if your business seems like it could collapse any minute.

You have overcome 100% every single hard thing life had thrown at you in the past and you are still here

Don't allow someone's opinion take that power from you. Square your shoulders and walk with your head up and a big smile on your face.

You have powerfully made it this far. For that you deserve praise!