My space was a mess, my room in particular. Well, I get to a point during the week when I find a place for everything but you likely already know what happens before that week runs out.
It wasn't anything major, right?
Besides, I was still functioning just right. I look human outside my home, I pretty much help everyone else get organized and be more productive with their lives and goals but at this point, I was my worst client at this point. So one Tuesday morning as I stepped out of the house, I heard in my spirit; "What if Jesus come visiting today?" Are you serious, right now, in the middle of my rush hour? I got back home earlier than I should have and YES I cleaned out.

Now, here is my conclusion on that:
When you notice that you are having troubles getting things under control ( I don't mean in a freakish way), that is a signal for SELF EVALUATION. That is a signal of things that run deeper, of you, dig deep enough you will find matter so unresolved you have reasoned into "handled matter".
It is a sign that there is more happening than you are paying attention to, and very likely there are much more issues you are sweeping under the carpet. You simply don't want to DEAL with it. 
It is your life spilling out. 
Also, you might be hoarding in your life more than you need, at this point in time. (Clean out your closet), someone will be too glad to have and use those items under your bed for instance.

There are so many signals that we tend to ignore:

  • restless night.
  • less sleep.
  • lack of focus.
  • withdrawal from usual activities you love.
  • avoiding call and texts.
  • abandoned projects.
  • being edgy and cranky over minute things.

And that is only a tip of the iceberg.

If family and friends are visiting, the house will be in order top to bottom. IfJESUS came visiting, it has to be better than that; I won't keep Him outside to get things organized before I opened the door; so I might as well Live Ready, within and outside. I have to work on my mind and my character combined and hand over the things I am struggling with, into His hands right? Let me give Him more reason to visit very often, in fact to stay for all time.
So be true to yourself; within and without. Be who you are inside out, no matter what. That way, you will be the ever ready soldier that you are, READY FOR THE MASTER'S USE.