The 5 Kind Of Friends You Don’t Ever Need On Your Crew.


Friends are so important, in fact, as spoken in Proverb 18:24, some stick to you closer than family. Yes, some you see more than family, and there are many who live miles away but know your every next move but they are more than just having a good time. A good friend is a priceless gem in a world where everyone can suddenly go down the drain in fast.
So if you are to get the best out of any kind of friendship you simply have to know the ones you have to stay away from and there are quite a number of them. Don’t get me wrong and I will say it again you do not need bad friends. You do not need that kind of negative energy around you.
Check them out, those you want to stay away from that is:

1.    Hit Up When I Need Something Kind.

You know that one person that never call or text you, they remember nothing about you, not your birthday or an anniversary, it will seem like that has lost your number but when they need something, your phone will ring non-stop.
Simply called the users. They only hit you up for something that is to benefit them and once they get what they need your phone goes dead, at least to them.
It is better to identify them for what they are and if you still want to deal with them on that level, fine but with a draining energy like that around you often, soon you will be out of juice.

2.    Never Follow Through Kind.

These are the ones that follow into the category of those who never keep their promises. They often tell you, I got your back, or you can bank on me but never will come through. Imagine you have such fellow as a business partner and they are in charge of an important client and fail to deliver at the deadline and you have to face the heat. You lose your client’s trust, lose the respect they had for you and possibly lose the business as well. It is not at the professional level alone, it could be disregard of any kind bottom line
They leave you hanging where it matters the most.

3.    Always Cut You Down Kind.

These are the better than everyone kind. There is always a better version than anything you have to say. If you purchase an item, they know where to get a better one, they also know where to find the best deal. They know all the important people, they just have a way of contradicting everything you say.
This you may not know but is a habit that as its root deep in their insecurity no matter how wealthy or composed they may seem. 

4.    Going Nowhere Kind.

These are the jolly good always on high hype kind. They are the friends with no plans and just want to have a good time, all the time kind. They never seem to have any serious moment because “life is too short to be too serious”. Yes, life is short but the plan should be to make the most of the short. So if these friends are most motivating you to be a better person, they are of no good to you at all. Imagine you are member of a track team, and the member of your team is just regular capacity, you may win everything but there is no challenge to be better but imagine you quit that team and went ahead to train with an Olympic record winning team, you come the last everything but you bet your finish time will improve. It is the same, if you have determined and focused friends, you will be challenged to opt your game, naturally.

5.    You Are Never Wrong Kind.

I may contradict myself here but give me a moment, if you have a friend who never sees anything wrong with you or cannot confront you when you go off track, am sorry that isn’t a friend you want to keep very close.
You need friends who can call to order and call your bluff when you derail, it doesn’t matter if correcting you lash out at something or exploded when it wasn’t necessary. Your friends should be able to look you in the eye and tell you the God-given truth, anytime.

Bet you can categorize the friend you do not need in this season of your life, and honestly, if you want to become a better version of yourself, you cannot take all the friend you need to your next level. It is time to detox your friend list and create a vacuum for new people and even better, know you know those you want on your pack and those you do not need.