Tell Your Story The Way Only You Can.

The superpower you have is the 5.5 liter of blood in your system, the 206 bones, the 100 billion neurons or nerve cells, at least 85 billion those the belongs to your brains alone. The moral of the gist, the totality of you is extraordinary, that when you combine that with the life experience that you have, you, my friend are someone really special.
Life might be rough and you may have had it more though than most people than you know, but you have 100% overcome every worst day that has come your way. You may not have made the best of choices, nor have the skills that turn a dollar to millions, but you have made the most of all that you've, the journey is yet to be over.
Quit playing you down
Quit dulling your shine
You are no less than anyone walking on the face of the earth. You made you special and it is time you begin to walk in the knowledge of that.

Nobody will be you.
Nobody can be you even if they try. When they try, they still come short, that is why it is called second best. Everyone you may wish to be like has been taken. Yes, you may admire some qualities that they have but the best gift you can give yourself is to put a twist on the things you admire and them yours. Learning from the greats, chceck out the quote below.

Identify the qualities you admire in people, and go to work on it, in a couple of years you soon realize that you are the one you admire the most.
— Warren Buffet

I totally believe that. There is nothing you see out there, that you cannot replicate and even make better. 
Time to make your story the next inspirational thing. It is time to touch the world with everything you've got, both who you've been, who you are and who you hope to be all included. Time to tell your story in your own voice.