Open to an Unfamiliar Lifestyle.

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Before we go any further, I have to state that I meant this from a positive point of view. No, Am not talking about your life regressing or for you to have a rich to rag story, Nope actually it is the other way round. So with that settled how about having a way of life better than anyone’s you’ve known?
I remember being a young adult and asking myself why I have fear to commit to a serious relationship? I would gladly jump into long distance relationships that gave me the romance feel yet conveniently allow intimacy and the vulnerability of communicating face to face elude me, a way of eating my cake and having it. Trouble starts when my interest begins to push a little further, maybe a little harder for my safe heart. It was a circle until I detected the pattern and had to ask myself the hard truth no one wants to see in themselves.

Truth be told, I grew up with no marriage I admire in sight. All I knew about good marriage or romance where what I saw on TV so you can imagine me listening for soundtracks to play overhead as we walk down the street, am dead serious.
My tender heart never seemed to grow past that vision. Because I had nothing in sight you base my thoughts on, so I became unrealistic in my idea of what romance or marriage was supposed to be like, and yes, as you can imagine, it was a recipe for disaster.

There are so many hidden truths that lie on our inside that are yet to see the light of day not just for the fear of facing them but also because of so many years of such beliefs and habits have buried them so deep we hardly remember they exist. That is the undertone for the “Open To” series……. 
This series is to make you reevaluate yourself and ask a basic question that could set you up for an extraordinary life. What if you can have more than you have allowed yourself to permit?
What if there is still so much life to you than you have yet experienced? 
It is no secret that life has too much to give to you if you dare to take to chance. If you bravely ask for what you want and then go ahead to work it out, the world, the universe, and God will surely see to it that it becomes yours.

But where do you start?

Your inside. It isn’t as easy as written or read out, but your mindset is the very garden that needs to be prepared to plant the seed that you dream of. You have to dump and trash the beliefs that aren’t working for or at least have brought you this far but taking you no further. 

It doesn’t matter if there isn’t a record of anyone in your family who has broken the poverty line, or anyone that has gone past high school. It doesn’t matter if there is no singular entrepreneur in your family or no one you have met on the face of the earth that has left town, if you have the burning desire or simply a spark that can keep you going to create an unfamiliar lifestyle to what you've always known, let me be the voice in the dark that cheers you on and encourages you. Yes, if it crosses your mind, it is because it can be achieved by you and if the desire grows by the day, it is because you have to absolutely go for it. It is an unfamiliar parcel with your name on it.