Open to a Different Kind of New Year.

Open to Being Successful. (3).png

Unbelievable; it is a new year already, I am it is 2018! 
2017 is a year to recount but no that is too much energy to spend on the past so you and I will look forward alone, WHY there is so much ahead already. This first of week of the New Year we will be broken down on the “open series” and let me have your mind prep for that, what are the things that you are opened to for the year you have just stepped into. 

Yes, what are the things that you have set your mind on to accomplish? I am changeling you to dive from a height higher than you did this time last year. I am also hoping that your New Year resolution (If you have one) or your To-Do-List (hopefully you have one) is not a repetition of the last you wrote last year.

I am hoping you are walking down a new path and unexploded places of life, doing things that you have never tried before. I am hoping that this New Year indeed will be you doing new things, scaling new heights and breaking new records.
Shed the skin; lead the cocoon behind and freshen up, for a new mind will take you places that even your imagination though was almost impossible.
Down to the question of the year “What are you open to this year?”
How would you summarize for a fact that the year has been the best of ever; let me kick start you with some ideas:

1. Trash old repetitive list:

Mark it stale because that is what it is. If you have had a task on your list more than one year running it is time to drop it off completely it except it is an almost completed task.

2. No one Task: 

This may sound like one but give me a minute…. Anything you have transferred from years gone should be erased. That is a sign that you are only recycling activities, use your genius to create something absolutely new.

3. Reach out or Cut out: 

To all the relationship and friendship that you know you need to cultivate, there is no better time than now to start that. It doesn’t matter if they haven’t heard from you in years, a text is a spark you and they need and be sincere with your words. The reader will know if you are not. And this takes us to the cutout, am sure I do not need to say much about that.

4. Not just a goal; make a plan.

Go beyond having a goal. It isn’t just creating ideas, neither is it the year that you write it down and forget about it? When you write it; you break it down into actionable and achievable steps that make it happen.
Your goals should have a follow-up plan to move you closer to making it a reality.

5. Self-love

You have to make yourself a priority, lose that habit of caring for everyone and leaving yourself spent beyond word. This isn’t the year where stress will be your wake up call. Inculcate into your schedule to consciously thought out and preplanned activities to that you will respect yourself enough to follow through.

Here is the deal; if you do thing the way you've always done them, they are bound to produce the exact kind of result they often do. change the practice; get different kind of result; experience a different kind of NEW YEAR.