How To Make The New Month Best One Yet.


How To Make The New Month Best One Yet.

It is the ninth month of the year already, but who is counting. I am! I am counting for so many reasons other than the fact that I told myself it was going to be the best year ever, well let's just say, I have not kept most promises I made on this year's resolution. That is about to change, or to be totally honest that I had been changing gradually and the reason it changes is overlooked was because it was at the speed I had envisioned.
To mention a few
I intended to write two books this year
Start a counting program
Travel to 2 new states

One book is completed but yet to be published, the second is half written but not close to being completed (Guess I still have 60 days on that one)
 I keep coming up with program packages, but my guts keep failing me at making known on the virtual space. I will get to that I promise, not just to beat my fears but because I know  I have so much to offer and willing to help people (best place to start)
Well, this I have not done, but I am leaving for what will be the first on the list next week, did I hear you say better late than never? I guess so.

So that is it about the past sliding into the next few future days that will make the rest of this year. There is my challenge to you, it doesn't matter where you are in the state of things, you cannot give up. 
You cannot let go of this ideas, dreams, and life that you have in mind for yourself. It doesn't have to be anything noble like saving the world or something ambitious like starting a business. It just has to be one or few things that contribute to your happiness. By saying happiness, I do not mean all those cheesy feeling that keeps you on cloud 9. Nope, I mean the grounded feeling that makes you live in the best frame of mind and healthy state of your spirit, soul, and body. It is been mentally healthy to make the best decisions for yourself.
So starting this month, make the rest of the year, and your life the best one yet by making baby decisions in ways that keep you healthy enough to impact another phase of your life.
That starts with as little as drinking more water. Keeping in touch with family. If you cannot travel out of town, explore new places where you live. Go for the comedy show happening this weekend, put yourself out there to fall in love with your life again.
If you are on a budget, get creative with ways to have fun while spending next to nothing.
Imagine, having a picnic (food packed from home) at the park and all you do is relaxed and watch the dogs. On your way from a walk, park your car in a new environment that tickles your fancy, take a walk around, envision a life so good, you are doing all the things that make you feel wealthy, walk back to your car and drive home. I bet you will feel way better.

What changed for me?
As always looking at my list got me overwhelmed so as I have done so many months before, I pushed it away and do something else. Anything but the important things that challenged my comfort zone. So I decided to break it into simpler tasks I could conquer.

I wrote the most applying one's first all the way to the less interesting ones to me but needed to be done.
Then I broke it down to easier task that can be done
Then further broke the task down into little steps, I could carry out on a daily basis, then I stuck to the routine.
Imagine how much you can write in one week if you write 2 hours every day. That is 14 hours straight of dedicated work. You can make time for what you need to do and in turn create the dream and life you want.

Ninty days to go this year, magic can still happen if you find the right wand that works for you, master it and make use of it right.
Never too late to make it happen, the life that you want.

I will love to read from you, how you intend to make the rest of the year the best yet!