God's Girls; More Than Just Pretty Faces.


God's Girls; More Than Just Pretty Faces.

Hey, ladies, let's start from the most important part; You ain't just another pretty face and I am not running off in my own words.

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful l
— 1 Peter 2:9

Do I need to break down?
Women are hardly introduced by their physical features in the Bible when it is, it is described proceeding events; talk about Abraham calling his wife his sister. This was a woman more likely in her 70s at the time able to capture the attention of the whole city.
Speak about Esther before entering the court of the king, yet her beauty was described beyond her looks.
Take a look Ruth; Boaz later refer to her handling of her mother-in-law was well to her handwork in the field morning till late evening.
Do we need to talk about Mary mother of Jesus?
Most of the women in the Bible, with a heart for God, were described with a different kind of beauty; one that was modest and ran deeper than the skin or the physical.
Yes, you are a delicate flower to be treated with love and respect, No you will not break go do not give to the 'weakness philosophy' as for how limited you can be and what you cannot do.

As a Chosen Person-

There is a sense of VIP that comes with your presence. There are various kind of elections but take being an ambassador as an example.

A Royal Priesthood-

Yes as a woman you are a representative of God himself. Here you are ordained into the office as God's own person reaching out to the lost and to the hurting. God wants to touch the world with his love and He can only do that through humans and can do it through you.

A Holy Nation-

this is the best part of the verse for me personally. When God looks at you, He sees beyond the solo you, He sees generation yet unborn, children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. God sees the potential that you are and He is one of the reasons he jealously guards you.

God' Special Possession-

God's Possession? Does that sound like anything God will joke with? I know not. The Bible further went to describe all God kids are called “The Apple of His Eyes”. God will go the extra mile to you safe.

There is something beautiful about the relationship that God has with his girls. Like a proud dad, he guides her, teaches her, shows her what it means to be treated right, to love and receive love. A good father will teach his daughter confidence, empower and let her know she has a voice that needs to be heard. He let her know she can achieve great things, anything that she set her hearts on. And more important, God lets all His daughter know it isn't about them, so the can guard and put their heart in the right place and stay humbled.

You are more than a pretty face, a reminder, just in case you forget or get carried away.

Oh, Please. Yes, Please take good care of your temple and your mind, but never ever forget that you are a spirit, you have a soul and you only housed by this body. And more important and valuable part of you is unseen and unlimited.
Yes, as a child of a Living God we know it is to the glory of our God, that men and women may come out of darkness into the light that will save their lives.
It is all to the glory of God.