Clear The Web Of Indecision.
I have been on the matter for a while, in fact, I have an answer for it before the sentence forms into a question; “I don't know what to do about this”.

I remember seating with my journal and writing about what to do about this matter, 4 straight days and I told myself now or never. I will get to the bottom of this. I am slow at making decisions and seating on it keeps the spider fed and fatter on my account, because I allow the situation to tarry so long, soon fill my mind so webbed up that the I feel overwhelmed just thinking of handle this matter. 
Now it isn't a big, not to anyone who is prompt at taking decisions and getting past thing, but we are talking about me here, there are always solutions coming after the initial ideas and you know thing just has to be perfect, whether it is a blog post or the shoe I will wear tomorrow. So I challenged myself to dig to the bottom of last minute decisions.

It is nothing but fear to be wrong. The problem with tarrying long with it is, the final made decision is usually a half-hearted which is almost equal to just what comes to mind in the moment and not often the best. You have to resolve to give, whatever you commit your mind to the very best of you. This is the starting point and the very place to start breaking the habit of indecision.
Then you take it further.

1. Weigh how much time you have.
The attention you give to a project with a 6-month deadline will not be the same as one with a week deadline. No need to discuss that you know why.

2. Weigh you options
this is where you lay it all down, all the ideas that come to mind, relation to what you need to resolve. It doesn't matter at this point if it makes sense or not, as much as you mind can conceive, bring it on. 

3. Sieve your ideas.
On the scale of priority, beginning to cut down the options you have come up with. The end goal is to use the best of the best. So, pick up each option, and run it through your why and why not test, till you have found the most appropriate one.

4. Focus.
Distraction is the worst decision disease ever. It is the main cause of indecision, you have to discipline yourself to keep your eyes on the goal. All successful people have thinking time. A timeout moment when they do nothing but think, that's right and by documentation, they all agree that is perhaps one of the most fruitful activities of their day because in that moment they get inspirations and ideas to solve problems. This creates zero tolerance for distraction during this activity.

Yep. Don't wait till you have two week or two hours to go. Get to work as soon as you can, even if you have to create a reminder, set an alarm and create a schedule to keep your focus. Do as much work as you can at one stretch, in fact, before you begin, give yourself a target to achieve before you call it a day.
One of Marilyn Monroe most popular for quote reads “I I don’t stop when I’m tired. I only stop when I’m done ...”

that is the mindset you need to cultivate to break the habit of indecision. It is the same habit to cultivate to be a decisive and assertive person too, who gets things done right on time with bet possible results. Get to work; clear out the web