Am Smart And I Am Not Sorry.

It was meant to be a joke, I had, as usual, apologize before I even thought about it thoroughly. A friend needed help, and I saw that the person struggles with what was been handled, so I a couple of suggestions and the saga was over in a minute. The person turned around and said
“I hate the fact that you are so smart”.
“Am sorry?” I said as I walked back to what  I had been doing.
For some reason, those words stuck with me, and the problem is I am not sorry.
I am not sorry that I helped
I am not sorry that I knew what to do
I am not sorry that I spoke out
I am not sorry that is matter was resolved.

I am sorry that I apologized but that was just about it. But for years, I have learned to be timid in my skin, to act not so smart, to be dim a lot more than I should be so no one feels uncomfortable around me.
This isn't book smart, of course, I got me some of those
It isn't street smart, I think I have a little of those, but on a second note, I may know nothing of that. 
This is gut smart, given by God. I got an overdose of that and I am not ashamed or timid to admit it.
So I tell you with no sense of loss; rock your smartness with no apologies. That is the only way the to succeed and serve the world while doing so. Never apologize for the gifts that makes you, you. DOn't apologize for what makes you relevant.
Yes, I am smart and I am not sorry.