Being Open To Getting Help.

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It is the age of marvels and superheroes.

We all have the superhero syndrome, well wonder woman and the marvel kind of justify that feeling but we have to admit there are moments you can not do it all by yourself. How that person finds themselves, embrace their gifts and save the world. Often the details of coming together to create a force or that civilian who stepped out to help at the nick in time.
Accept this fact, you need help and it doesn’t have to be from the source you are comfortable with. Help it the solution you need per time and that can come from just about any place possible.

  1. If you are always burnt out
  2. Always fatigue
  3. Always sleeping or snoozing off at the most unusual hours
  4. Or waking up feeling so tired.

Those are the obvious sign, there are more life-threatening ones like feeling depressed, helping hopeless, being a functional alcoholic, addicted to pills. 
The help you need may be getting someone to come clean your house once a week because you can afford it and use up the free time to do something more productive. It may be getting babysitter every other week so to can go spend some time by yourself to regain your humanity and sanity but knowing how stressful life is and how much we drive ourselves sometimes, you more need some professional help to keep your health and life balance, if that is the case do it as soon as you can before things get out of hand.

Start from the place of talking to those you trust, it doesn’t have to be family, although that will help to have someone close you trust that much. Often times, to get an unbiased assessment of the situation you may need to go out a little further. So help is the best place to put your right foot further:

  • What aspect of your life do you need help with right now?
  • What kind of help are you looking forward to getting?
  • Who is the best place to give you what you need
  • Where do you find the person?
  • How do you contact that person?
  • When do you do it?

Guess what, the step after you have answered all those questions will be JUST DO IT. Don’t analyze. Do not over think things, just take that first step and trust yourself to get the best out of it.
Yes, you need help and that only makes you human after all.