A Little Bit Of Wildflower Is Good For You.

That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither whatever they do prospers.
— Psalm 1:3

It kept popping up no matter how many times I plucked it from the root. Wildflowers are so resilient it was almost a pain. They got their name from their attitude of showing up, meaning it is not intentionally planted but this bouquet of beauty will leave you astonished. So because they are not planned, you never know what to expect, and their excitement and combination of color definitely leave your mind blown away.

Are you prim and proper to a point of boredom? No, I am not asking you to be careless. I am not asking you to become mindless with things that are important to your life. I am saying to you, the rules may guide you but may also keep you uncreative and unexplorative. They keep your mind in a small room and that will never produce an out of the box experience. That means you will never know what it means to produce originality, to the genius inside you birthed or take a chance on what you know should do. You have to know the boundary of which.

It means you will never take risks but will live life in the sh adow zone.

It means you will forever lean your time to others to help them build their dreams while your seat on the shelf.

It means you will only survive an not live fully. You have to have faith that whatsoever you do will prosper because you have the backing of God that will make that happen. You have to risk the idea of spring up somewhere you may get uprooted, like the flowers, you have to risk being unwanted and rejected, like the flowers, you have to beat the fear of finding yourself where you do not expect. Consider the picked flower that ends up int a vase only to be thrown out in days. You have to understand, that a picked flower that beautifies a room for a few days has done much more than many flowers in the field that never experienced the human touch.

Where you are might seem like nowhere, but it will be for  a while if you are consistent.

Wildflowers have one or two things to teach, it may not be planned but it sure takes a chance to see the light of day and enjoy every minute of its existence by sharing itself beauty with the world. Can you boldly say, this very minute you are doing the same?