Ride At Your Risk With Christ.

When hiking a ride you never can tell what the trip is going be like. In fact, you cannot determine for sure what any drive will be like, whether you are driving or not. For the car, some cars are amazing and pick the most unusual time to misbehave, then the traffic, you could into a bill board that read, accident ahead, traffic delay” and the list of what could be is endless.

A ride with Jesus is the same but interesting you can be assured of 3 things.

Your world will be rocked until you are in right standing with Christ

You are in for a ride that will be as unpredictable as it will be fun

The end is sure no matter what you encounter on the road.

There is no dull moment with God for sure, and when you walk with Him you are likely to be on the edge most of the time because He will challenge your belief, strength, and wits. You can be assured that no assignment will be the same and no path will ever take you down the same path.

The same God that kept the Sun at a standstill for Joshua is the same God that collapsed the walls of Jericho with Hallelujah for the same man. But Joshua was sensitive enough to know that what God was saying and he then followed by instruction for each assignment.

Don't lean on yesterday's victory. Go back to your source for new strength for the day, for the week, for the month. You are in for an adventure but trust me, there is so much reward at the end of the tunnel with your name on it.