But A Woman Who Fears The LORD

Meeting an ex-model was a big deal, at least for this side of my world. This lady was everything in her day but here she was wishing for death. When my friend told who initially met her told me her story it didn't hard up. She had everything going for her, dream home, dream life, dream marriage and money to buy every it can afford, then life happened.

She was in an accident and lost a leg, and her prince charming said he married a model, not a woman that cannot walk so, he walked away. No need to define his motives, there you have it.
From there she spirals down until she decided she didn't want to live any longer. Medically nothing is wrong with her, but you just have to take a look at her to know that everything isn't OK either.
This brings me to the text of the day:

  Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;  but a woman who fears the LORD is to be praised. 
— Proverbs 31:3

 Beauty is most necessary, but there is something more valuable than the looks you have and the things you enhance it. My little niece is famous for quote “beauty hurts” every time she has to get her done but as an adult that quote is given an all different meaning. 
Beauty hurts if that is what your life is built on
Beauty hurts if it is the center of your life.
Beauty hurts if it is what you are defined by and it most hurt if you need external validation to size yourself up. Many people pay so much attention to this external beauty yet it slip away with time and no ageless cream or beauty product seem of having the power to hold it down.

There is another kind of beauty, a different kind that defies age and time, and like fine wine gets better with time.
A woman who fears the Lord exhumes a different kind of beauty. It isn't difficult to recognize one who spends time with God.
She speaks differently
She carries herself differently
She impacts and influences her world differently. Her words and her action spread a different kind of peace of mind that doesn't ruffle by what is going on around her.
As a woman your relationships matter, but your relationship with God, the kind that changes you from the inside out; that is the one that gets you praised.