I Will Not Be Afraid.

Fear was part of my vocabulary for so long It was a lifestyle until I began to read about the law of attraction. 
I thought it should be, at least, you are always afraid? But I soon quickly learned that there is a downside to that, with fear you WILL be stagnated because you will find a thousand and one reasons why you should be afraid and not make the move. You will not believe it alone, you will try to convince everyone who cares to listen the validity of the situation. The problem with that is, people can see through lie, they can see through fear and most time can see through you. The only one who believes fear totally ( and that works for lies as well) is YOU.

Fear shrinks your brain, drain your courage, and expand the unrealistic view of what may never be.

Now you have a choice, to pack your bag and go home or face your fear in spite of the sweaty palm and racing heart.

The latter is always the better because you not break through with your fear, once you realize you can overcome it, you are likely to surpass what you thought was once impossible.
It is time to say to yourself- I will not be afraid, anymore. Say it to yourself over and over again until it becomes a new vocabulary and a drive to action.