You've Got To Find Beauty Everywhere; Here is how.

Everyone deserves a daily dose of happiness but so much is happening around us, not just in the neighborhood but on a worldwide scale, to strip that away. Turn your TV on and watch the news, I can assure you, you will go to bed either depressed or sad. Negativity is everywhere. The good news this is, in as much as you cannot control what is happening around you, you can control what is going on inside of you, the energy in your space and how you react to situations.

Yes, the good, the bad, the ugly and the darn so beautiful, tries to find expression in our world today. It is your civil duty to decide what you want present and what you want to keep your focus on. For example, this evening on my way home from the store, I am suddenly introduced to a humongous cloud that seems to form to be noticed, I am an amateur admirer of nature, maybe that was why this caught attention but I  could not deny the fact that it had an unusual shape and truly speculator. I smiled as I took the picture.

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Rewind to this morning, I also saw a lady who seems to always lose her teenage daughter every time they came to the coffee shop, I joked about it and reminded her about the last time, we both laugh as she looked around to tell me not this time. Guess what; the girl was nowhere to be found again and we busted out laughing as she walked towards us from the restroom.
Now the first time that happened, at least that I was aware of, the mother was physically shaken and on her phone repeatedly calling her daugh ter who wasn't picking up her calls. Today was different, my comment made her relax, and not to focus on any pending danger (as she had before), besides it filled the void of absence until she had no reason to worry, coffee in hand, daughter by her side, they both walked out merry. That may seem like nothing but in way, my interaction with her made fill the gap in existence and took her focus off what could have caused her to panic.

What you focus on, expands.

You have to intentionally lose focus of all the bad things happening around the world. Am I asking you to live in denial? No, but do not allow the possible evil rob you of all the good and amazing love the world has to share with you,  and more importantly, all the amazing things that you are capable of sharing with the people you daily meet. Consciously look for the good and the beautiful, it will make itself known to you. Consciously lose the bad and the ugly, it will lose its patience and let you be, eventually. For true happiness, from the beauty around you, is one that is gotten on your own term.