The 5 Myth About Purpose, And The REAL TRUTH About It.

This might as well be the most popular word in this generation. It shares a popular spot with words like passion, calling and the likes of it. It has been redefined by every philosopher in history, but here is the thing, Purpose is not learned it is lived!
No matter of searching in a book will fulfill it, you have to discover and do the work, and the starting point is in your SELF-DISCOVERY. Before we get deep into that, there is a STEP before that and let me explain.
Men cannot find purpose in themselves because it is a journey there. You don't ask a product what it is meant to be used for; you consult the knowledge of the one that put it together. Are people different?

Every manufactured item comes with a little know-how-to-use-it booklet called a manual. You have to read and understand to optimize its use. 

Let’s start with a car:
Yes, you may know how to drive, but I bet there are functions in your car that you have never used because you don’t even know they existed. Someone does, pretty much the team of people that put it together, and to save you the trouble of try and error, they shipped you a mini book to inform you how to make the most of your machine, the same goes for every device you buy and every gadget. But life is personal, and you live only but once. Your path is yours alone, no one has been there and no one will ever be, but there are guidelines, people who have walked a similar path, and by shared experiences you just might navigate a little less rigorously. Here is a slight edge Christian has, they have a manual indeed and when they actually read it and live by it, they optimize their purpose. With that basis; let's tackle the myths on Purpose from a biblical perspective.

1.    Some have it, You don’t.

Everyone here past or present is born for a reason by purpose. For the one who made created purpose and you made it with you in mind. we are part of a big canvas and the pain work continues with you having something you need to achieve. If you don’t, the fire in your belly would have died long before now.
You do have a purpose that is why you living and you will not be satisfied until you discover and live it.

2.    You are running out of potential

You are created to last a lifetime. Your drive may become dominate, you may deviate but it never leaves you. If your potential is contact, what you do not have unlimited is TIME. It is time that is running out, and that you cannot take for granted, which is why the popular quote “The grave is the richest place on earth.

3.    If you discover your Purpose you will automatically succeed.

Now you should, or at least have an ideas that, that isn’t true. You have to work on your life as much as you are working on your craft. If you know what to do, but do it not, then that knowledge is useless. You have to prove yourself a workmanship that needed not to be ashamed.

4.    Your Purpose is to make you successful

This is the most conceiving myth ever, especially in the world where everything is perfect on paper and bliss on is define by social popularity. Your purpose will make you successful, for sure but only when you have unselfishly define what real success id to you! By a general standard, you are bound to be frustrated because our experiences are different and so is our resilient level. Dump all those malignancy of  a definitions of success and find what truly satisfy your soul. Pursue that, with the mind of helping as many people you can along the way, there and there alone can you recognize success when it stares you in the face. 

You may have to disembody everything you have known and believe in finding your own peace, and when you do, live it fully.

5.    Purpose is a place, things or mindset

It is more than all 3 combined. Purpose is not a destination, all we all have migrated by now, don’t be deceive, when you get that job, or marry that woman, or move to that country, you carry you along and if you are not fulfilled in your being, the circle continues. Well, it was things, malls and most business will be out of service because all had to you to do, is find that one thing that will satisfy you for a lifetime. And mindset; Oh, this has been so thrown around that the word is quickly losing relevance. Mindset is important, but what is the purpose of a mindset you don’t know what to do with?

Life is not on your terms; if it were there will be no wrong or right, never will there be what is called a mistake, but you do need the whole of you to find your purpose, quit all the talk and go LIVE.