4 Things That Will Make Or Mar You In 3 Years.

I doubt if the title of the post is strange to you but take a look again and see if you can identify the variation in the sentence. Often it is said that there are certain habits or companies that will make or mar you in 5 years, now time is closing up, with the age knowledge fully blown, and technology getting smarter and the world becoming more like a classroom, time is fast becoming an essential commodity. And to think that you have it unlimited is the highest level of self-deceit. No matter longevity that runs in your DNA, it will come to an end, sooner or later and that in itself is a topic for another day. 

You have to understand that if you want a certain kind of lifestyle, wishing for it should be the last thing on your agenda. There is a reason the word daydreaming exist- you have to stay awake to make it happen, and to make your life- there are certain habits you simply have to develop. Thankfully they can be learned or at least imbibed. Interestingly, the same if ignored or handled carelessly can mar your life.


Let’s check it out the 4 countdowns:

4. Friends:

Obvious right. So some people, but to so many people, they feel they cannot be influenced by the crowd or the people they move with. There are also those who feel they can control their friend, but you have to understand the dynamics of a group. No one wants to the sore thumb, so at first, you may resist but over time, you start to let you guards down. 

Who wants friends with that one person you only have so much fun when not around? Also if you friends are not comfortable with change, you improving your life is most unlikely, misery love company. 

On the contrary, if you find yourself in the midst of new visionary friends, you will be very comfortable at the beginning but if you stick it out, it is a matter of time before it rubs off on you.

Never be the wisest in your circle, that is the only way to keep yourself challenged. 

3. Books.

This might be one of the best gifts to humankind. Really, can you imagine stepping into the 1800s? all you have to do is visit the library closest to your house, better still open a browser on your phone. There is nothing you want to teach yourself that there isn’t a book on, there is no single popular person you might want to mentor you that there isn’t a book about. Think about it, want to know about the science of how a man was landed on the moon? Well, besides the fact movie “Hidden Figure” making that easy, you will find a specific book about that online. 

Book vibrate and expands your mind. It reconstructs your imagination. In the pages of books, you get to rub mind with the greatest of the great from all generation, imagine that.


2. Thoughts

Now, this are powerful! Why? Your thoughts are like seed, only these ones grow whether you plant them or not. Most you don’t have to voice out, and you know that. To change your life, you have to change your mind, to reinvent your life, you have to re-engineer your thought system. Never allow to run loose, it will return to you like a spoilt child with no disciple whatsoever, your mind is to be tamed to improve your life and that you have to learn to do intentionally.

1. What You Do With 4, 3, and 2.

The food you do not eat does not have any influence on your body. If you sweep what you already have learned, if you learn it at all, under the carpet, guess what? YES, it will benefit you nothing.

Buy a lottery ticket, if it has the winning numbers for the month on it but you do not turn it in, you will nothing.

Friends, books and your thoughts are the bricks that can be used to build the exact kind of life you want, no matter the level of success you have envisioned, but you have to apply it.