You Have The Power Of One, Use It To You Advantage.


In one of my quiet moment, and I have been having a lot of those lately, I asked myself what is the rule of success, on my own term?
Now think about that; relationship come and gone, career and friends changed by the numbers, new cities and country welcome me on arrival, one thing is content in my journey so far- ME. You are the only factor that is constant in your life and that in itself is powerful.
What do you know about the power of one? And by one I mean one person. It is hardly the case that a group of men make outstanding impact or change, but when they do, there is always the leader of the gang, the visionary that made it happen to begin with.
Name any man before, during and after the Bible era, there is often that one man or woman that simply stood out, either by an act, a calling or a dream.
Martin Luther King is known for his “I have a dream” speech. He was a one-man army until a whole tribe bought into his dream and I can count numerous men after that, from Princess Diana to mother Theresa to Gandhi all the way to Nelson Mandela.

Here is where the trip begins, you have to be separated from the pack to a higher self. No, I am not talking about some psychological bamboozle gimmick, I am saying to discover your true identity and purpose in life, you have to fall off the wagon and find who you are in your soul.
Judges 6: 12 speak of a man named Gideon, timid man hiding away from the enemies who had terrorized and oppressed his nation for more than seven years. When the angel of the Lord visited him- he addressed Gideon as the man he was created to be


A mighty man of valor!
Gideon’s answer showed he was no way close to that. There was nothing brave about him and definitely could not be described as a man of valor. But God sees and addresses you as who you should be. That is why your heart is always yielding for more. 
That is why you always desire to be better, to be greater, to have more to offer the world.
Need to be said that Gideon went on to lead an army of 300 hundred men into battle and won. He was the man that delivered his nation from the evil king.
You may never know what you are capable of now because you have not tried, but you will NEVER know if you don’t step out and try. If you keep ignoring who you are, you will be on a lifetime wandering journey. There is no way you will be successful if you ignore who you are now, who you should be and who you need to be too close the gap in between. Do not judge where you are now as the final stop, you have years ahead of you to learn, make mistake and learn again. As one man you have the liberty to make a decision without bias or external influence. You are sure to make the best use of your mind without the external noise of the 'people'.

You know the best ideas come to you when meditation or just sitting in a quiet place.
To the power of one, that is you, I say get up, toot your horn and get to work of harnessing the power inside of you.