I Have To Let You Go.


I wonder if we use that word enough. I wonder if I do.
I am staring at the leaves falling from the tree closest to my home, and I wondered if the stem fought and cried hard for them to remain. It is obvious the biggest part of the tree is losing sorely at this time because the leaves fall without a care in the world. How often do you let go of what isn’t needed in your life without a fight? 

The leave will serve no purpose but only to occupy space that is meant for the new ones. It is the same holding on to those who no longer serve anything good in your life.
Here is the million dollar question- What value am I getting from this and what value I’m I giving to this? Do not be deceived to believe it is all about you and what you can get out of it. If you are not adding any value to these persons in your life, you are as bad for them as they are to you if it was the other way round. You have to know for sure, that value is the only life currency that weighs more than physical money. In fact, it is the value that gives physical money worth that it has.
Yes; what makes $100 more attractive to you than a dollar.
If you have to choose, which would you stretch for?

Now I am asking you to stretch for the most valuable people in your life and let go of everyone and everything that seem to have dragged you down or slow down your progress walk in the last 10 months. This is not an easy task, am not going to tell you it is but it is worthwhile. Why? Nothing everyone is ready to move with you, even more painful, not everyone is prepared to see your progress to the next level. 
To make any change of any kind:
You will lose friends
You will lose love
You will lose habits
You will lose a part of you too that don’t agree with what you intend to do now.
The time is right, and now you have to commit to yourself and resolve with absolute certainty at the non-valuable grits - I have to let you go and I am not coming back.