Teaching Women To Grow Spiritually Strong, Discover Purpose and Live Fulfilled.



You Can Get The Help You Need!


If you are anything like I am, you are driven, have big plans and have it all laid out, but failure got you scared and stagnated, perhaps things are spiraling out of hand with no solution in sight. I have been at a place where fear got me stagnated for a really long time until I found help in the most unusual places.

- Of course, I knew God and still do, I have been a christian most of my life.

-Of course, I have friends but how would I let them know I was struggling?

Sounds familiar? It all Starts with (re)Discovering who you are.

I can help you grow spiritually strong and to discover your purpose. I can teach you to own your voice and monetize your gifts and talents. No matter what your story is, allow me to inspire you to Reclaim and "REBUILD" the life, love, relationship and business that you have always dreamed about, and still can have.