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Guideline To Flatter Yourself Good.

How many times have you heard ‘don’t flatter yourself? Mostly in a statement that intends to knock some senses into you, right. What if that is exactly what you need right now?I mean get off the high horse of knocking yourself down, step out go the grill of roasting yourself for every error and mistake and do something really good for yourself for a change. When was the last time you went on fancy for you? The notion of a man flattering a woman he is wooing is appropriate only, this time around, the wooing is from you to you.Now I have to mention up front this doesn’t have to be you breaking the bank or does it have to be maxing out your resources.  We all have little leisure that comes handy the most when we allow our guards all down. 

Guide to flattering yourself:1.    Do something you have not done in 2 years2.    Do something that will cost you 10% of the last leisure item you bought3.    This has to be alone time; you have to do it for you by you4.    It has to exclude your phone …

5 Lifestyle Changes You Need to Adopt If You Want to Be Rich Christian Entrepreneur .

Are Christians supposed to be rich? Whether it is a Yes, or No, your habits and lifestyle will give more honest answers than any words you could say to my face. Forget about the quote about being poorer than the church mice; you must be in the wrong church if you want to be the rich individual you are supposed to be.  So what does it mean to be rich the divine way?
1.    Renew your mindset.As a man thinketh, so is he. So you have to start from the very beginning. What are your thought and belief towards wealth, money, savings, and the likes of it in general?If you believe that Christians are not supposed to be wealthy, your habits will follow suit; if you also believe, Christians are supposed to be comfortable but not that very rich, your choices will follow suit as well. Your mindset is the very first place to start, and you might want to check the part of the Bible that said “Christ became poor so you can be rich” for a start. What is your thought about tithes, about savings, about g…


YES!We don't need to watch Disney up to answer that question, simply look around you. Every innovation ever made is an answer to that question.Everything you relate with, experience, live by, enjoy is a pointer that no matter how crazy an idea is, there is always a way to achieve it. "whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve"- Napoleon Hill.I know for a minute it might sound like one of those jolly motivational quotes, but it isn’t. Some 50 years ago, a mobile phone will have been an insane idea.20 years ago, hotspot and Wi-Fi would have been a crazy talk, but with the internet comes a whole new world.
Your mind is the architect of what is possible or what isn’t.Share an idea that seems out of this world with 5 people, of course,


Thanks to Google, just about everyone knows what a map is. But even better than a map is a navigation when you drive, why, it is interactive, rather than just lay out the directions for you, it notifies you at every turn and it quick to remind you of your destination. Go an extra mile, click on the photo section and the building you are going will be staring back at you, you can never miss it.
Is your life that detailed?I mean are your goals that detailed? Where are you going in life, can you break it down for me on paper? It will be ridiculous if you are visiting a new state and you key the address into your navigation system and your device keeps say drive straight, even when you have a dead-end right ahead of you. Even when you do not have a dead-end, if you have driven straight for about 20 miles, you are likely to park the car

7 Reasons To Say Yes To Your Dream And Your Life

Here are 7 reasons why1.    Dreams Are Meant To Be Fulfilled Yours inclusive. It was given to you for a reason and you alone can make it happen. If you don’t then, the world loses and so do you.2.    Ownership. It is your life for a reason, for you to live it out in a way that you will enjoy every minute. I know that seem bogus but that is the way it should be. It is your duty to live this one life to the full and at its best. It is us, own it.

4 Things That Will Make Or Mar You In 3 Years.

I doubt if the title of the post is strange to you but take a look again and see if you can identify the variation in the sentence. Often it is said that there are certain habits or companies that will make or mar you in 5 years, now time is closing up, with the age knowledge fully blown, and technology getting smarter and the world becoming more like a classroom, time is fast becoming an essential commodity. And to think that you have it unlimited is the highest level of self-deceit. No matter longevity that runs in your DNA, it will come to an end, sooner or later and that in itself is a topic for another day. 
You have to understand that if you want a certain kind of lifestyle, wishing for it is the. There is a reason the word daydreaming exist- you have to stay awake to make it happen, and to make your life- there are certain habits you simply have to develop. Thankfully they can be learned or at least imbibed. Interestingly, the same if ignored or handled carelessly can mar your l…

You are walking Dead, Living Dead If You Are Not Daily REINVENTING Your Mind.

To all the walking dead fan; I apologize before I speak the first word.  I didn’t say I am sorry for what I am about to say because I am not, but I do want you to reason with for a minute.If there is a call for casts on your favorite show this minute, and there is the option to choose between being one of the extras in the crowd or be one of the main actors, on which side will you lean on?
Be honest.Everyone want the moment of glory, even if your level of confidence wouldn’t let you step up to own up being the main actor for a while, the moment you feel comfortable in front of the cameras and with your lines, you being to desire more.We all have a little bit of sunshine inside of us that comes out first as a star and then begin to draw strength and bravery to take over the day. But that will never be if you are stick to your old self.