September 27, 2016

Imagine A Peacock Ashamed Of It's Feather. Yet, You Are More Beautiful & Valuable.

I wonder if jealousy exists in the animal kingdom. I mean does the kangaroo wish it was more like the zebra because it feels uneasy with its pouch? Does the ostrich brag off other birds because it   has a longer more exotic neck? Does the hippo ever feel like losing weight, maybe obsess over that? You and I could sit all day and list the animals in existence and wonder over their insecurities and fears, but on the long run, just reading back now it feels so ridiculous to imagine.

Every animal has its strength, its peculiarity, its beauty. And in as much as they are wise enough to house themselves and nurture the little ones, they somehow are fierce in nature and secure in their skin.

September 26, 2016

I Can Live In The Safe Mode Zone, But What's Safe About That?

I was working on my computer when I got a notification and it entered into the safe mode seconds after. Needless to say, it was useless in that state at least to me. Maybe it works for computer geeks but for me, I was totally miserable, and that’s where YouTube comes handy.
That got me thinking, yes, my documents were safe in the ‘safe mode’ but only the saved ones, the last few changes did not reflect on the document I was working on. So let’s get down to business, how safe is safe?

September 23, 2016

You Will Always Have To Solve Problems; Not Go Around Them.

By nature, I hate confrontations, no kidding. 
I will rather let peace be than actually resolve a problem. If you ignore it, then it won’t exist, right? WRONG. I was so wrong and got into a lot of trouble with that habit, lost a good friendship, ran off on opportunities, and totally watched myself go in circles only to come back to face problems I thought I had packed away.

That is the problem with the problems; you can never go round problems- there over way to over it is to solve it, that is the only way. Like opportunities that don’t just happens, problems don’t just go away either. In fact, they come to test your resilience and persistence. That is why you can never be without problem, challenges if you prefer to call them that. It works on your strength in levels, like building muscles, at least you first lose the body fats, then that you begin to develop muscles, and then restructure your body. The same goes for developing your memory capacities; you keep increasing your ability to store what you put in, and consciously, pull out knowledge needed at will.

August 24, 2016

You Own Diamonds; Where Are They?

As told by Earl Nightingale; one day a group of boy approached a preacher (Russel Herman Conwell) and asked him if he will be willing in instructing them in college courses. They wanted a college education but lacked the money to pay for it. He said he will do all that he could. This led to the idea of starting one of the world leading university which he started after raising 7 million dollars. He raised the money by giving more than six thousand lectures all over the country and in each one of them, he told the story “Acre of Diamonds”

The story was about an African farmer who heard tales of other settlers who had made millions by discovering diamond mines. The tales excited the farmers so much,

August 22, 2016

Live life Like The Airport Is Home.


I personally believe the airport sees more loving expression than anywhere in the world. The next time you find yourself in that environment, do not rush down to your gate to catch your flight, in fact, leave a little early to have enough time to examine the activities around you.

Note the number of hugs you witness, the number of hand holding, a number of kisses and number of helping hands. The emotions of goodbye give a different flavor to “see you again’. So whether you are letting a love one go or welcoming them back home, there is an appreciation of absence and the gift of presence. The airport reminded me quite of bit today, life lessons that will guarantee success in just about every phase of life.

1.    Goodbye, and Welcome back.
Love the ones who are part of your life without reservations, now that you can. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, but right now is. The happenings around often keeps us in check not to feel fail-safe, that disaster cannot close home. It is crucial you let your loved ones just how much they mean to you. 
Never leave home, without heartfelt welfare and equal emotional welcome back home. 

August 21, 2016


Ego is like looking directly into the sun, not only will you be blinded for a few minute, if you continue the habit over a long period of time the blindness can become permanent. Yes, ego can make you blind permanent, to your faults, your weakness, to errors and also to the very good gift you have in your life will eventually, you will lose for the lack of appropriate attention.

Ego is a double edge sword, it can take you on the extreme palate of life, the high is very high and the low is rock bottom, in whichever case, the result is the same; 

Check out the egoistic high:

August 20, 2016

My Coffee Shop Eye Opening Experience

Have you ever walked past someone and wondered what was going on in their life? Ever wondered what was going through their minds or what is happening, what the real story is?

What is your real story, the one you are not telling anyone but trying so hard to work out? The story that keeps you putting up a front not because you are deceiving those in your life, you just prefer the version of your story that makes you and them believe you have it together. I often wondered what the untold stories are.